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Flatzoom is a company started in 2010 by three local IESE & ESADE MBAs.

We know very well your housing needs and address them conveniently.


Jordi Mestras Girbau, Barcelona


Born and raised in Barcelona. I loved my MBA experience at IESE so I’ve kept involved since then. I’m an active Alumni member and have run some Student Clubs for years. I have a deep knowledge of our city, the MBA community life and the real estate industry, which lets me ease things to foreign Investors, Corporate Executives, Business School Professors and our MBA peers.


Javier de la Ossa Falero, Barcelona


Born and raised in Barcelona. My background is in the Telecom and entrepeneurship arenas, having taken part in some innovative startup and accelerator projects in our country. Together with Jordi and other colleagues, I have run the IESE EMBA Entrepreneurs Club. We all share a common purpose: to support the MBA community in Barcelona.


Vicente Alapont Domenech, Barcelona

ESADE Master in Law & Real estate lawyer

Born and raised in Barcelona. I have 15 years legal experience in supervising real estate deals in Spain. Finding the proper flat requires time and effort. We aim at reducing this as much as possible and to bring added transparency to the process.

Some contributors to the Flatzoom project. Great IESE MBA guys who helped this grow. Many thanks!

Joshua Amor inv231

Joshua Amor Fernandes, India


Jordi and I shared the opinion that students in fast paced and highly demanding professional programs, spend a substantial amount of time on tasks that were not core to the program, like settling into a city. There was a need that the market wasn’t addressing. We worked closely during the initial stages of the venture in defining the business concept and creating an awareness among the student community.

Daniel Schmitz 231

Daniel Schmitz, Germany


During my 2nd MBA year I got to know Jordi and his project and quickly felt that it was a terrific idea. When I moved to Barcelona I myself went through many hassles and I believe that Flatzoom support is excellent. So I temporarily enrolled in the project to help it grow and define the best strategy to deliver a spot-on service.

Guillermo Torres

Guillermo Torres González, Barcelona

IESE MBA 2014 & Ambassadors Club President

The IESE Ambassadors Club helps MBA candidates get introduced to IESE and the program. As soon as Jordi approached me with his project idea, I thought it was extremely convenient for all. So I have been supporting the Flatzoom team with recommendations on how to fine-tune it. I’m very sure that you’ll find this service extremely convenient!.

Andres Arias

Andrés Arias de Filippis, Argentina


I met Jordi and Javier at our Entrepreneurs Club. I come from Argentina and know well what we foreigners experience when moving here, so I found Jordi’s idea extremely helpful. I’m a Systems Engineer so I was happy to support the team build a webpage related to the project.

So, this is us 🙂  . Our idea to support fellow MBA students was born during our own MBA, as we realized how hard it was for everyone to settle in Barcelona.

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We are IESE & ESADE Alumni and Barcelona locals. After completing our own Executive MBA in 2011, we kept strongly involved with IESE & ESADE Students Clubs and activities. During our program and afterwards, we realised how hard it was for all our foreign MBA peers to find a good apartment in Barcelona. So we provided them with advice and support to find and book an apartment. While doing so, we gathered in one place all the flats that are specially suited for them in terms of housing type, quality, location, etc.

Our service has also extended through word-of-mouth to Company Executives settling in Barcelona. Flatzoom has become a highly popular service among the Business community in Barcelona, currently offering the best flat-hunting support and the widest database of apartments specially suited for its members. has been featured in the Welcome Guides of the top Business Schools in our city.

In short, this is our “history” 🙂 This journey has been truly exciting, since it has allowed us to increase our support to our community while starting an interesting business project at the same time. So we are very grateful to all schools and all the past years students that have relied on Flatzoom so far 🙂

 Flatzoom has been endorsed by all top Business Schools in Barcelona and included in their Welcome Guides

You may read the experiences from our clients here. We’re glad to help you find a great place in Barcelona !

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