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Apartments Source and Fees

Flatzoom is a database of apartments in Barcelona, specially curated for foreigners in the city. Flatzoom connects tenants with real estate agents who offer their apartments. The flats in flatzoom are rented directly through them, out of flatzoom. Flatzoom only rents directly a small portion of the apartments advertised.

Agency fees for the apartments work as follows:

  • Apartments rented through real estate agents: their standard agency fee applies. No flatzoom fee. Please, check with the agent before leasing.
  • Apartments rented directly through Flatzoom: only flatzoom’s agency fee applies. It’s 10% of one year rent +21% VAT. No other fee by no other agent.

Information Accuracy and Liabilities

All the information provided by flatzoom, like apartment location, features, equipment, quality, condition, availability, monthly rent, lease conditions and any other data, comes from the real estate agents who lease them.

In some cases, we perform our own quality assessments and full video tours of the apartments. This is done at a given date, for limited information purposes and meant to give you further transparency about the offer, not to replace the actual housing information provided by the agent offering the apartment. Please, note that the apartment features, equipment, quality and condition may have improved or worsened after our video tour.

The rental market in Barcelona is extremely dynamic. As a reference, a flat in Barcelona is let in an average of 1 week and sometimes in one day or even just hours. Flat hunters in Barcelona typically don’t realise until they start their searching adventure. The availability data of the apartments in flatzoom depends on the real estate agents who advertise them, not on flatzoom. The booking confirmation of an apartment is also provided by them and not by flatzoom. We perform periodic additional checks on this topic to keep the offer as updated as possible, but our checking doesn’t replace the actual information source, which is always the advertising agent, not us, except for apartments directly rented by ourselves.

Due to all above facts, we bear no liability for the accuracy of the information provided in flatzoom for any flat, except for apartments directly rented by ourselves. This liability lies fully on the agents involved. Any potential difference between the information provided and the actual offer is due to them.

We strongly encourage you to check with the agents all topics about the flat and lease conditions before signing your lease with them. You as the tenant and the agent are the only responsible for the lease agreements that you reach and sign together. Flatzoom bear no liability at all for those.

Flatzoom does not provide support during your stay, after the contract signature and your check-in to the flat. Spanish law states that this type of support is provided by the owner of the apartment and that any issue must be settled in the scope of the private lease contract that both parties sign freely. As per law, the liability of such issues lies in both parties only and not in third parties not involved in the lease contract clauses, such as flatzoom. Therefore, any issue must be discussed among the two parties directly and, in case of conflict, solved following the procedures and jurisdiction you both agree per contract.

In particular, sensitive topics that we recommend you to check with the agent before leasing are:

  • clear identification of the apartment to rent
  • wether it is rented fully or partially
  • apartment actual condition
  • apartment equipment, furnishing and content listed item by item
  • lease monthly rent and any other economic condition that applies
  • agency fee that applies
  • contract duration and cancelation penalty, if any

In case you feel unsure about these topics and would like to count on professional expert support on your side, you may consider the personalized services by a relocation agent that we recommend. Please contact us here.

Flatzoom Real Estate Service

This section applies only to the apartments that are rented through flatzoom directly. All the rest in flatzoom’s database, are rented through the real estate agent involved, out of flatzoom and following their service terms, which they must provide to you separately. Flatzoom holds no liability about them.

For the apartments that flatzoom rents directly, flatzoom real estate service includes the following topics:

  • to find the apartment and present it in flatzoom database,
  • to take care of questions by interested tenants,
  • to provide video tour when available,
  • to take care of physical viewings when possible,
  • to manage the negotiation and contract drafting,
  • to assist the tenant to setup up his/her personal home insurance,
  • to prepare the contract signature, to be done online,
  • and to coordinate the check-in.

It does NOT include any other topic not stated above, specially:

  • to set up utilities and Internet,
  • to advice on or manage taxes that the tenant should pay or any other legal o tax liability applying to the tenant due to the lease contract,
  • to assist the tenant in any issue regarding the apartment condition or during the stay. Condition of the apartment and support during stay are under the owner liability per Spanish law and must be dealt with the owner as per Spanish law and the contract.
  • to assist in the check-out or the deposit refund, at the end of the lease.

Flatzoom real estate service finishes when the tenant checks in the apartment.

The tenant signs the lease contract with the apartment owner. Flatzoom holds no liability for the contract terms freely agreed among the two parties nor for any issues that arise during the lease period.

Flatzoom may provide information and guidance about taxes to be paid by the tenant or any other legal or tax liability due to him, solely for information purposes, and not as part of the service. Any difference between the information provided and the actual legislation or any action taken by the tenant related to his legal and tax obligations is not under flatzoom’s liability but only under the tenants liability.

For the apartments rented through flatzoom directly, flatzoom real estate agency fee is 10% of one year rent +21% VAT, the standard in the industry in Barcelona.

Booking Process

This section applies only to the apartments that are rented through flatzoom directly. All the rest in flatzoom’s database are booked through another real estate agent, out of flatzoom and following the booking method that they propose to you separately.

For the apartments rented through flatzoom directly, the booking process is as follows:


Let us know what flat you’d like to book. We may ask some data about you on behalf of the owner: identity, reasons for stay in Barcelona, lease expectations, etc.


We’ll invite you to a Dropbox folder where you’ll find the proposed lease contract with all lease conditions stated in. The personal data of you and the landlord will be missing, to be filled during the process. This contract version has not yet been approved by the landlord. You go first. Please, check it and fill in your data in the GREEN fields.

If you have any query or would like to propose any change, please let us know. The proposed contract is the most common version in the market. If you propose changes, there will be less chances that the owner accepts your booking proposal.


Of all interested tenants. Kindly upload them to the Dropbox folder.

  • If you’re a student: Passport, NIE or DNI copy + University Admittance Letter copy.
  • If you’re a worker: Passport, NIE or DNI copy + copy of document showing income (payrolls of last 3 months, labor contract or last tax statement).


Pay the booking fee = 10% of one year rent + 21% VAT, cash or through credit card online.

This fee is kept by flatzoom, not the landlord. This step means that you’re requesting to book the apartment under the conditions of the proposed lease contract. At this stage your booking is NOT yet confirmed. It must be confirmed by the landlord.


Once the booking fee is paid, the landlord will evaluate your request. We will inform you about his/her reply. It may be:

  • 5a. He/she accepts -> Congrats! He booked his apartment for you under the conditions of the proposed lease contract. We’ll proceed to step 6. You can’t propose changes to the contract. You’ll have no right to be paid back your deposit, unless the landlord finally refused to sign the lease contract for reasons due to him/her.
  • 5b. He/she accepts but proposes changes to the lease contract -> You may accept them or not or start a negotiation process with him/her. If you reach an agreement, we’ll proceed to step 6. If you don’t reach an agreement and thus you refuse to lease the apartment, we’ll pay you back the full booking fee immediately.
  • 5c. He/she refuses -> We’ll pay you back the full booking fee immediately.

The landlord booking acceptance is not a valid lease contract according to Spanish law, so it does not entitle you to occupy the apartment yet. The lease contract must be signed.

The booking acceptance is given by the landlord not by flatzoom. Landlords work with many brokers and agents at the same time, so we flatzoom cannot provide acceptance on our own. After his/her acceptance, the landlord is the only responsible to hold his/her acceptance, not flatzoom.


Both you and the landlord will receive an e-mail with an invitation to sign the agreed lease contract online. It will contain all data, including landlord’s personal data and account for payments. When you sign the contract, please pay the first rent and deposit to the landlord (see contract for details).

Once signed, you’ll receive an e-mail with the signed contract. This will be the original version, fully valid for any legal purpose, for instance City Council empadronamiento and NIE issuing.



The booking fee will be paid back in the events explained in step 5 above. If paid through credit card, we’ll revert the payment to the same account it was debited to. If paid through bank wire, we’ll wire back to a Spanish national bank account that you instruct us to. It is NEVER paid back through international bank transfer. In case the landlord finally refuses to lease after the booking, flatzoom holds no liability and no complaints can be raised towards flatzoom, following step 5 above.



When you rent an apartment in Barcelona, you as tenant must pay the ITP tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales) to the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Public Administration). More information can be found here.


For the apartments that flatzoom rents directly, flatzoom real estate agency fee is 10% of one year rent +21% VAT, the standard in the industry in Barcelona. It covers the services explained here.

Privacy Policy

At flatzoom your trust means everything to us. That’s why we respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption, plus strict policies that govern how all data is handled.

We only use your personal data for one goal, your goal: to find the best apartment in Barcelona. Thus, your data is only used internally to send you housing options matching your needs and it is not shared with anybody. It is not given to the apartment advertisers, except for the apartments you inquire about. When you inquire about one apartment, flatzoom introduces you to the agent of that apartment, thus provide them with your email address (and your phone number if you provide it to us). Your personal data is not provided to any other company or individual, for advertisement purposes or any other purposes. It is kept strictly confidential within flatzoom.

You may delete your account with us at any time. For so, please contact us here.