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Discover why Flatzoom is so popular among top Business Schools and foreigners in Barcelona

Thank you very much for your excellent help in finding an apartment in Barcelona! We already love it very much !!
Isabelle Engeler, Switzerland, IESE Professor
The Flatzoom team have been absolutely amazing during the whole journey. Their service is customer tailored and covers all aspects associated with getting a great home. As a first step Flatzoom helped us to understand the city to shape our search criteria which allowed to avoid a lot of unnecessary visits. They have great listening skills and understand customer needs really well. In their work, Flatzoom leverage technology a lot and their videos are simply brilliant and deserve a special compliment! They provide an effect of full presence in the apartment, always point out the details, which are not always obvious but in fact are very important and always very objective and balanced. We never felt that any of the projects were “oversold” or mis-represented to us. Every time I saw a video first, it always fully matched with a reality of the subsequent visit. Flatzoom support was also invaluable during the negotiation process, their understanding of the market and cultural context was very useful indeed. The steps associated with contract and paperwork were smooth and well executed. At every step of this journey we felt in very capable and trustworthy hands. So now we are very happy at a wonderful place in sunny Barcelona and all that thanks to the great service, passion and dedication of the Flatzoom team !
Natalia Barsegiyan, Russia, PIZZA HUT EUROPE - General Manager
I would like to thank you for your very helpful support during my search for accommodation in Barcelona. I have already recommended Flatzoom to my friend who is coming in January.
Pietro Bonetti, Italia, IESE Professor
Searching for a flat in a foreign city can be an extremely daunting exercise – I was relocating with a family and had very specific criteria for the apartment and area. Flatzoom was able to provide me with numerous options to choose from, some with very detailed and honest video reviews. Additionally I was able to contact Flatzoom whenever I had a question or doubt and always received a quick and thorough response.
Raymond Regine, South Africa, IESE MBA 2017
As an incoming first-year, I had never been to Barcelona and knew nothing about the local rental market or how to go about finding a flat. I was lost and completely unsure about how to find a place to live. Flatzoom helped me through every step of the way. Thanks to Flatzoom, I was able to select an apartment from the US and send over a deposit to secure it. The bottom line is that Flatzoom will save you a lot of trouble and hassle. I highly recommend it.
Dave Hadley, USA, INTEL MBA Intern, IESE MBA 2015
Flatzoom were extremely helpful when I relocated to Barcelona. After so much frustration trying to look for a place online by myself, I received recommendation of Flatzoom from a colleague at IESE. Everything on their website looked like a dream – simply tell them what kind of apartment and neighbourhood you are looking for and you will expect several apartments in your Inbox – and everything indeed went like a dream. We had many email exchanges before I arrived and they always answered my questions and concerns with long thorough replies. When we visited a few shortlisted places the communication with the landlords would not have been easy without their help. At the end I found a little gem in a quiet neighbourhood close to IESE. Apart from professional, they are also very friendly, respectful and caring people. Their invaluable support has definitely made it much easier for me to settle in to Barcelona.
Echo Yuan Liao, China, IESE Professor
I've been looking for an apartment in Barcelona from home and Flatzoom was a huge help for me. It is great because I was able to contact the best agencies in Barcelona and it has a selection of the best apartments available in the city. In addition to that, they were extremely helpful and very efficient. The video that they offer is an awesome service because you can get a detailed idea of the apartment. It could have been impossible for me to find an apartment without Flatzoom.
Lucia Urquía, Argentina, VOLKSWAGEN ARGENTINA Intern, IESE MBA 2018
Flat hunting in Barcelona can be very difficult, even if you live here. Flatzoom provide a great service and also access to flats from the Business Schools network that you cannot even find online. I highly recommend Flatzoom, especially if you are an incoming IESE student.
Bernhard Bonelli, Austria, BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP Project Leader, IESE MBA 2015
Hola Jordi, solo quería darte las gracias por hacer el proceso del piso con super eficacia. No nos esperábamos que se resolviera todo de esta manera tan profesional. Os recomendaremos. Que tengas un buen día. Gracias de nuevo. Un saludo
Ana Estany, UK
Genial Jordi, esperem que sí! Més agilitat imposible, molt bé, em sembleu molt professionals la veritat. Tot molt clar i ràpid.
Marc Pastor Puga, Barcelona
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance. I recommended you to a friend who is currently looking for a property as I was very happy with the service provided
Francesco Viola, Italy, Bain & Company, IESE MBA 2019
It’s awesome that the IESE and ESADE Alumni created Flatzoom for new students going to those unis 🙂
Natalia Krajewska, Poland, BBA ESADE 2023
Flatzoom was introduced to me by an IESE MBA Facebook group. Exceptional service and most importantly successful - found my apartment just after 1 day of viewings.
Michal Mania, Poland, IESE MBA 2018
Flatzoom delivered exactly what was expected: a great apartment, without me having to do anything but send a few emails. During a stressful time, not having to worry about this stuff was a godsend. Muchas gracias Flatzoom, I would recommend you any time!
Andrey Muntyan, USA, IESE MBA 2016, YKEMS Strategy Consultant
Flatzoom is a great platform you have created, and definitely great to know you are an IESE alumnus!
Yufei Lei, Japan, NOVOZYMES Business Manager, IESE MBA Class of 2019
I consider your idea and work outstanding! Your videos provide real insights to the apartments and give us, the clients, a chance to gain a solid idea of those apartments. Communication with you was always friendly, professional and supportive; I appreciate that very much and will definitely recommend Flatzoom to persons who are looking for a place in Barcelona.
Johannes Burgard, Germany, ESADE MBA 2017, AIRBUS Thesis Student
The Flatzoom website is superb and your response time is great. Very impressed.
Tejas Muttha, India, EADA MBA 2017
Moving overseas and securing a flat requires trust. Throughout my experience with Flatzoom, I trusted them and their perspective. They were honest, quick to respond and provided helpful insights. Throughout the process I felt Flatzoom had my best interests in mind. I enjoyed the flexibility to search for flats on my own and Flatzoom offered feedback about the area. In the end I selected a flat with full agency fees. Flatzoom supported me throughout this process and helped make it smooth. Flatzoom are a pleasure to work with and their opinions valuable. I highly recommend Flatzoom.
Calvin Benchimol, Canada, IESE MBA 2017
We have used Flatzoom and we are extremely satisfied! At first we tried to check common local websites, but in the end we never really got any responses from the owners. We spent so many hours finding a decent apartment, until we eventually gave up and said that it wasn’t worth it. Another issue that we have is that we were never really comfortable with signing a contract without seeing the apartment — this made everything complicated as my housemates and I are all based out of Barcelona. We discovered Flatzoom via the IESE Welcome Guide. As an IESE & ESADE startup, we didn’t even hesitate about availing their service. We know that this is a company that we can trust and that they give expert and honest advise, not only about flats, but also about Barcelona! True enough, the conversations that we had with Flatzoom team were smooth. All we had to do was watch the videos and select which one we like the most. Four months after signing the contract, we are still very happy with the flat. Everything is perfect! We never had any issues with it nor with the landlords.
Pat Javier, Philippines, IESE MBA 2016
My wife and I were looking for a 1 or 2-bedroom apartment and weren’t going to arrive in Barcelona until a week before IESE started. By the time we got here, we had already seen over 15 flats via Flatzoom’s very impressive videos. The videos allow you to get a real feel and to see every facet of the apartment. Flatzoom’s commentary is very honest and reliable – never overselling the flats. As a non-Spanish speaker, their help was invaluable as we settled down in Barcelona. We have used many real-estate websites in the past and Flatzoom goes far beyond what we have ever experienced before.
Arun Makhija, Singapore, FOODPANDA SINGAPORE Finance Director, IESE MBA 2015
As a newcomer to Spain and no Spanish skills, I found it very challenging to find an apartment in Barcelona. In the process of searching for an apartment, I met with some agents while I was visiting Barcelona. They were friendly and showed good places – but Flatzoom will really go out of their way to make the process smooth and simple. Flatzoom are very kind, very generous, and they really want to help. I felt a huge difference between Flatzoom and the agencies. The agencies do not have your best interests in mind… they basically want to close a deal. In the end, everything worked out very well and we found a very nice apartment in Eixample. To be honest, Flatzoom was a huge help and I would not have been able to find an apartment without them. They really made everything so much easier.
Lamia Hayat, Kuwait, IESE MBA 2015, Senior Business Analyst at NATIONAL BANK of KUWAIT
Working with Flatzoom was a great experience. Everything was properly arranged and most details were taken care of. Flatzoom put a great emphasis on customer satisfaction which makes working with them a memorable experience. Having been a part of IESE and ESADE they understand the student’s needs and problems very well and make sure that these are addressed on a timely basis. Unlike other private agencies they are not out to “get you”. Very professional and great guys. I’d definitely recommend Flatzoom to others.
Aditya Negi, India, SIEMENS CEO Program Associate, IESE MBA 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation. It was a truly comforting experience to use Flatzoom. You were an excellent point of contact for me when I was abroad. Your extensive knowledge in the market and in people made a difficult situation a breeze. I also appreciated the wonderful apartment videos you shared. I will always recommend you for your great service.
Fouad Chemlati, Lebanon, UBER Head of Partner Operations, IESE MBA 2015
We're happy to announce that we found a flat we liked, and we are currently in the midst of sorting out the admin work for it. On behalf of Karishma and myself, I just wanted to drop you a little note thanking you for all your time, energy and patience in this whole flat search - we really appreciate it !
Mridula Krishnan, India, ERNST&YOUNG Senior Associate, IESE MBA 2017
Apoyo personalizado, flexibles en todos los aspectos, amabilidad por delante de todo!
Cristina Ambrosini, Barcelona, BCNONWOVENS General Manager
This housing service is extremely helpful for international students who cannot start searching for apartments till they reach Barcelona or find it hard to look for apartments online and don’t speak Spanish. Flatzoom showed me their videos of those apartments which met my criteria. Since they are locals, they have a good knowledge of all the areas / neighbourhoods. Moreover, the fact that they’re IESE and ESADE Alumni lends a lot of credibility to the service. I spent almost a month browsing for apartments with no luck before I used Flatzoom and I was able to secure a nice apartment with a reasonable price in just 10 days.
Shruti Chaudry, India, ERNST&YOUNG Senior Consultant, IESE MBA 2015
Better than a regular agency. With Flatzoom, you get videos of your target apartments, with more details than the ones given by any agency. They know the owners, so it is easy to trust them. And with the video, we saved the cost of making a trip to visit the flat. I totally recommend it.
Luís Ramón Lorenzo Martín, Spain, INDRA IT Business Consultant, IESE MBA 2017
Flatzoom are friendly and helpful IESE and ESADE alumni who help newly admitted students find the most convenient and suitable living arrangements. Thanks to Flatzoom, I ended up choosing a flat not far from IESE with all furnishings included and for much less than the expected cost. Overall, I would recommend this service to all first year students new to Barcelona!
Ayan Acharyya, Canada, ALMIRALL Global Marketing Coordinator, IESE MBA 2016
I had used Flatzoom when I was looking for an apartment in May 2013. I was in India and Flatzoom were very helpful in making the entire process of finding an apartment very easy for me. They had visited many shortlisted apartments themselves before recommending them to me. And Flatzoom are great guys, who helped me in not only finding an apartment but also in making my transition from a foreign country to Barcelona very easy. MBA can be very challenging and it is important that we meet the right people to help us in this transition. Flatzoom guys were very kind to me and made sure I was comfortable from the minute I landed in Barcelona. Thanks Flatzoom !!
Anjita Lal, India, MICROSOFT Sales Specialist, IESE MBA 2015
For incoming MBA students, nothing can beat the service that IESE & ESADE alumni and Barcelona residents can offer. The apartment videos and Flatzoom honest feedback based on my search criteria, provided me with enough information prior to my arrival to Barcelona to identify a Piso for my first year at IESE. Landing in Spain for the first time, I had the comfort of knowing that I could go straight to my apartment (where I am currently sitting and writing this testimonial) avoiding all hotel hassles. Flatzoom are fun-to-work-with and hard-working guys that will go beyond the call of duty to ensure their customers are happy. My experience was very positive and I would highly recommend Flatzoom!
Paul-Remy Merheb, Lebanon, IESE MBA 2015, IBM Senior Client Relationship
I found Flatzoom to be very collaborative and responsive. When I arrived in Barcelona, I immediately started searching for apartments and signaled many to see. Flatzoom immediately responded back to me with ideas to visit a few. However, I was fortunate and found a room with friends of friends within a day. Nevertheless, Flatzoom still helped me transition to Barcelona! They assisted me in finding an easy path to open a bank account in the city. To me, that showed that Flatzoom care about the clients - not just their wallets. From my experience with the company, I would suggest them because they want to help you with everything and make you as relaxed as possible when moving to a new city.
Felipe Cabezas, Brasil, IESE MBA 2018
Using Flatzoom was seriously worth it. I still, a year and a half after renting my apartment, am amazed at how great my apartment is, in terms of matching my requirements. I was looking for 5 things. 1. Apartment near a park, 2. walking distance to IESE, 3. Walking distance to Barcelona center, 4. Quiet neighborhood, 5. Not so many residents in the building. I got every single point expected and at a rate a little cheaper than the apartments I found looking on other websites. I viewed some apartments found on Flatzoom. 3 out of 4 were great and close to what I was looking for but I really appreciate the personal touch and service of Flatzoom videos for giving me an honest opinion and recommending me the apartment I am renting right now (even though I was going to choose a more expensive apartment!). In the end, as I mentioned in the beginning, whenever I think about how lucky I was with the apartment I think of Flatzoom and their great work. Oh and the apartment didn’t have a fridge, I could negotiate with the landlord easily to put one in. 5 Stars!
Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi, Kuwait, IESE MBA 2016, AL-YOUSIFI & SONS General Manager
Thanks in advance for doing this, you guys are the best!
Ahmed Bakr, United Arab Emirates, VODAFONE Team Leader, IESE MBA 2018
Aprovecho de agradecerte y felicitarte a ti y a todo el equipo de Flatzoom por la comprensión y la gran ayuda que me han brindando. Ten claro que los recomendare a otras personas. Gracias!
David Abaud, Chile, LATAM Airlines, Analista Senior, MBA EADA 2018
Many people have been really supportive to our initiative by providing very useful feedback and ideas to improve Flatzoom. We are very grateful to their support.

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