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Learn how the market works in Barcelona and what you should be careful with

There is x10 times more demand than offer. Landlords rule the game

Good apartments are scarce. Lets for less than 12 months, too.

Flats show up and fly VERY fast. Hard to find them months in advance

In summer, finding a place is extremely tough. No flats in August

Only 15% flats are furnished. Most require you to install Internet

Utilities are hardly never included in the rent, but paid separately

95% of flats go through agents. Fee = 10% of year rent + 21% VAT

Real estate agents must be registered. Ask for their AICAT and API numbers

80% online adds are useless: rented, wrong info, don’t reply, etc

There are scams online. Beware! Bargains don’t exist

Many landlords and agents speak little or no English

Agents performance is very variable, from great to sometimes bad

Lease contracts must be in Spanish per law. Abusive clauses are common

Bad agent care at first may harm you severely afterwards during stay

Most agents don’t support during lease period. Landlords must. Some do

Choosing a good landlord matters as much as choosing a good flat

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